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9th-Jul-2010 03:28 pm - I AM STILL ALIVE.
PAnda bubbles
Yeah, I am.

I haven't updated since summer started, so now I will post a few highlights.

-Mt. Olympus field trip. I went on all the rollercoasters :D

-The last day of school. During lunch me and a couple other band geeks went to the band room and had pizza while watching the end of Grease.


-Went to marching band camp. Not really a highlight, but it wasn't boring.

-Watched the drums core show in Madison. It was really sweet XD


-Still haven't gotten my hair cut. On August 20 something it will be a year since I last have.

-Sister had a birthday. I cleaned up my iPod and gave it to her.

-Got my rubberbands on my braces changed to pretty purple shades.

-Bought a NEW iPod :) A blue iPod nano with the video camera on it.


I want a record player thing for my birthday. They look so amazing.

The dude interviewing them is an idiot. Go to 4:30 to actually see MGMT.
Not for children. Too stupid for them.

All I did today was listen to music and play solitare. I also packed for camp. ag7ugfvroa I am going to be so out of touch!

ok bye. This was a boring thing.
19th-Jun-2010 06:47 pm -
Andrew my love :D

Bored. Made that. Cool, eh?

I a so EXCITED :D I don't know how I am going to sleep tonight. I really don't.


Really pissed at Lastfm. It only plays songs on my most played list, which is boring.

Made this on Gif soup too. I could have made it better, but I wanted the color part!

11th-May-2010 03:58 pm - BDAY
PAnda bubbles
10th-May-2010 05:41 pm - HOLY COW.
I just made two MGMT icons on that cool picture site picnik. Not like, high quality, but I like them :D

I have a science test to study for. D:

I also ran 3.6 miles.

I don't know what to wear to the concert. I saw the post on caps_mgmt and now I don't know what to wear. OHHH WELLL... I got a while.
9th-May-2010 03:51 pm - Outside!
Kate Nash
Happy Mother's Day! I see my mommy in a few hours :D

So I dragged the computer outside! I can hear the birds chirping, and the feel the breeze in my face. Gooood times!

Anyway, today I played Mario Kart for DS with my sister. I totally kicked her butt. I do all the time, but when you beat someone in Mario related games there is just some sort of more superior whooping you know? I don't.

I also figured out how to get lyrics on my iPod! I knew I could for like, EVER, but never really tried. Now I have a few song's lyrics. Like Flash Delirium. I could never really understand what they were singing in the beginning, but now I get it.

Oh my, last night someone broke into our garage. It was freaky; they took my dad's wallet out of his car, and some cash out of Beth's glove compartment. Luckily the neighbor freaked whoever it was out and they dropped a lot of the things they stole from us and other neighbors. Almost everyone go something back except the people who lost cash, and another girl whose camera and iPod were stolen. I feel bad for her.

Also, Jess how many songs do you have by MGMT? I only have like, 24. I have Time To Pretend- EP, Oracular Spectacular, Congratulations, and a song called Everything's Happenin' So Fast. I am guessing the other ones listed on Last FM are the ones they made under the name "The Management" or something? Yeah they are, I just looked. Thanks for reading that anyway.

I am also going to start updating Tumblr more. It really is amazingly awesome.
1st-May-2010 06:30 pm - SHOULD BE DOING HOMEWORK.
It's Saturday, and I promised my future-self that I wouldn't make myself do homework on a Sunday. So, I am doing it today. The only problem is that it is science homework that is incredibly boring and I hate it. It's all about acids and bases and covalent and ionic bonds. I don't like them that much.

BUT, I did finish typing up my skit for Spanish. I let the rest of my group be in charge of thinking up the idea and props, and I helped actually translate the script to Spanish. We ride some donkeys to una fiesta. Exciting right?

I also have to type a ONE PAGE paper for a different class. It is honestly the easiest assignment I have ever gotten. Just one paper on integrity, and it is due in six weeks. EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY :3

BLAH BLAH BLAH it smells like potatoes in this room.

I am also going to procrastinate more because I am going to watch the new iCarly, then look at pictures of Alex Turner and drool.

20th-Apr-2010 07:28 pm - -_-
PAnda bubbles
I feel a little weird these past few days. Like without trying I just gave up. It's reaaaalllyyy strange. All of a sudden this Spanish project is due and I had no idea until the day before. Or it just totally slips my mind that I have any homework at all. It's not like I am stressed out or anything, (Lord knows I know how to throw together a beautiful project in two hours) I just all of a sudden am forgetting things.

I am also getting realllyyyy annoyed with my science group. They all just sit there and expect me to give them the answers. That's why the teacher puts me with them because she's given up on trying to put them with people they like. If my grade weren't involved, I wouldn't do the lab, just so they could see how much they DON'T DO.

Whatever. I am just in a bit of a huff today :D
17th-Apr-2010 08:08 am - oh coundfoundit!
PAnda bubbles
I haven't been posting at all recently. Sorry D:

OMG I AM SO EXCITED FOR NEXT WEEKEND :D It is going to be so amazing!

Yesterday I went to Grace's play, and it was adorable! It was Mary Poppins and Grace played a horse. She also got a kazoo for being in it, so guess what I have been hearing for the past few hours?

I have also taken up running, because swimming is on break. :D It's only like a mile and a half a day, but it's better than just sitting around you know?

I am reading a lot of books lately! I am rereading all the HP books, and just read the sequel to Crank; Glass. Now I am reading another book by Ellen Hopkins called Identical.

Yep, so that's all the excitement in my life... woooooo.
27th-Mar-2010 01:15 pm - BLAMING XD
PAnda bubbles
So, I haven't been posting lately. I am now going to do what anyone in this situation would do: blame things.

The Office: for being so frickin' amazing, (iCarly: for sorta sucking), my flute: for being so fun, swimming: for being cancelled for a month, my orthodontist: for stabbing me in the mouth, and school: for the homework.
And the commas. Lots of them.

Soo... I went to a dance last night, and it was just ok. Our band director is the DJ at every dance, so I told him to play "Bust A Move" for me. It was only like, the second song, so only ten people were ACTUALLY dancing, but whatever. He came over the mic, and asked where I was, then played the song. IT WAS SO COOL, BECAUSE I KNOW ALL THE WORDS :DD

We also finished our research paper in language arts. I really hate the Bermuda Triangle now. We get to watch a movie in the class for a reward, but the two choices are either The Blind Side (which I have seen twice), and Freedom Writers. I will vote for either, but I already know that The Blind Side is going to win. Our class is like that.

I also was in San Diego last week. :) We went whale watching, and swimming, and got stuck on a plane for a long time. It was so nice and warm!

Coolness: My mouth expander is now out! I can eat peanut butter and jelly sammiches now! (And say the long e sound correctly.)
15th-Mar-2010 09:31 am - Writer's Block: Out of fashion
PAnda bubbles
If you could choose which fashions would go out of style permanently, what would you choose, and why?

1. Ugg boots with sweatpants. Really?

2. Leggings as pants.

3. Those BIG white running shoes. YOU AREN'T AT THE GYM WHEN YOU ARE AT SCHOOL.
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